Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes

  • 12 (1 dozen) cupcakes
  • Made To Order
  • Ready in 1 – 3 days


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Our chocolate hazelnut cupcakes are handmade with a moist vegan chocolate cake that is GMO Free. Topped with a delicious vegan chocolate frosting covered in hazelnuts and vegan chocolate chips. Have you ever wanted a cupcake that you do not have to worry about eating? Well, these delicious Hazelnut Cupcakes are a guilt free item that is a mixture of delicate chocolate cake paired with a rich and creamy vegan (Yes you heard me correctly) chocolate frosting. And to top it all off we have a crunchy hazelnut and vegan chocolate chip topping. Enjoy this guilt free dessert with the entire family or lock yourself in the bathroom and eat them all yourself. We wont tell!

Made with: Flour, Almond Milk, Pure Cane Sugar, Canola Oil, Cocoa, Vinegar, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Vanilla and Sea Salt.

Frosting: Pure Cane Powdered Sugar, Spectrum, Almond Milk, Cocoa Powder, Hazelnuts, Vegan Chocolate Chips, Vanilla and Sea Salt.

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Gluten Free, Corn Free, Nut Free, Soy Free